Valve Amplifiers

by Morgan Jones

Valve amplifier or tube amplifier are considered by many to offer better quality sound than transistor amplifiers.

 This book allows those with a limited knowledge of the electronics to understand both the theory and practice of valve audio amplifier design, such that they can analyse and modify circuits, and build or restore an amplifier. Design principles and construction techniques are provided so readers can devise and build from scratch, designs that actually work.

Book Review by

This is the best book for beginners AND experts.

Morgan Jones has years of experience as a BBC Engineer. He started working for the BBC in the good olde days, when BBC had to use valves for everything !

It is nice to read a book by a REAL expert on valve amplifiers.
Especially, an REAL expert who can explain things to a beginner.
Especially, an REAL expert who can simplify complicated formulae,
with the "almost equal to" sign,
so that the complicated formulae actually make sense !

Mr Jones has more knowledge in his little finger than the 90% of the so called valve "experts" on the internet. Sorry about the flame, but I get really annoyed about many so called "experts" publishing misleading information, on the web.

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